Experiencing Marianne Paul’s poems is like riding through the water in a magic boat. Waves and wind carry us through the universe to the land that awaits with stories of birth and death, of beauty and memory

~ Veronica Ross, novelist and author of Hannah B 


I'm not sure if I'm a kayaker who writes poetry, or a poet who kayaks. I suppose it doesn't matter - both writing and water are integral to me. I'm not happy when a few days pass, and I haven't written. An unhappiness settles in the core of my being. Similarly, if I don't get out on the water, a cloud descends that doesn't lift until I launch my boat. I suppose a part of growing up, growing comfortable with yourself, is learning how you move through this world. I write. I paddle.

Marianne Paul

More and more, writing and paddling are inseparable to me. What I see, hear, and feel on the water ends up on the page. Sometimes it is a poem, sometimes a short story, sometimes a personal narrative. I've gathered here, in one place, selections of my water writing to share with you, as well as some of my latest creative obsessions - haiku, tanka, haibun and haiga.

Launching a boat, a book, a website are quite similar. All three are events of celebration, times of hope. You hope the boat is seaworthy, that the book reader-worthy, that people will enjoy your website, come back to visit again. I hope you find my writing reader-worthy, that you'll surf this site, make return journey. 

 ~ Marianne Paul


The poems examine the daily rituals of life and death, as rivers become symbols of mutability and mortality. The most memorable ones deal with the grief that accompanies deaths of loved ones, including father and mother.

~ Robert Reid, The Record

© Marianne Paul 2011